Our workshop is in Moscow, the capital of Russia. Here, we produce and ship our items. Shipping costs are subject to your country and package weight. To find out your exact delivery time and cost, contact us at hello@etniq.ru.


To ship our mirror frames, we use express delivery services by EMS Post or CDEK. Generally, the delivery time is 2-3 weeks.

Large-size furniture is shipped by sea as a cargo. In this case, delivery takes 3-6 months. 

We usually send by mail only frames with a backing board, without glass. 

The mirror itself is not dispatched because of a high probability of crashing during transportation. Besides, a mirror weights much, which in the end significantly increases the cost of a parcel. It is cheaper and more reliable to order a glass of a necessary size in a local store. 

The standard mirrors 4 or 6 mm thick are ideally suited for your frames.

You can order the glass for our frames in the following places:
— Specialized mirror workshops;
— Specialized mirror workshops;
— Big appliance (hardware) shops like Home Depot, Loews, Leroy Merlin;
— IКЕА stores.

We produce frames for popular mirror sizes that are very easy to find and order.

By the way, our mirror frames are fully ready for use. In addition to the frame itself, there is a backing board (a back side) for glass and several wall mountings included. Simply insert the mirror into the frame, fix it with a backing board and hang the frame on the wall using the special hooks.

If you have a representative in Moscow, you can pick up your order from our workshop yourself and pay on site.