Mirror Papua Large Oak

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As the name suggests, oak is the wood species that Oak, our premium series, is made of. Since ancient times, the tree has had a solid reputation: robust and durable, it grows for centuries and can serve you as much in the form of a mirror frame.

Oak is very solid wood; to understand why, just touch it and consider its unique, expressive texture and topography.

Another feature of mirrors in an oak frame is that, unlike other materials used, we never paint it a color. It remains natural, as is, because it just does not need anything else: oak is beautiful by itself and requires no additional decoration.

The word Large in the model name implies that this is a large frame, as big as 2 meters high and almost a meter wide. You may rest assured that such a mirror will easily reflect you full size. However, you have to find enough room to accommodate it.

To fix the mirror on a wall, there are 2 built-in metal fixtures on the back side; placed on vertical lamellas, they can bear an impressive weight of almost 50 kilograms.

If you are committed to having only the best things, then this model is definitely for you. Frames with the Large Oak prefix in their name are the top products of our shop. We are sure that they will be a worthy part of your interior.

Material: oak.
Mirror dimensions: 91х198 cm (35,8x77,9 inches).
Frame dimensions: 60х168 cm (23,6x66,1 inches).
Supplied with: frame, support material for the mirror, loops for mounting on the wall.
Color: natural oak.


Frame size

Mirror size

90х200 cm

91х198 cm

60х168 cm

100х200 cm

100х198 cm

70х168 cm

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Mirror Papua Large Oak


By purchasing our workshop’s products, you may rest assured not only of their unique style but also of their quality, and that's why:


Each of our products is unique and made in a single copy, even if it is the same model in a certain color. Firstly, because this is a handcrafted piece item. And secondly, wood has its characteristic pattern, which is different every time.


We use only natural wood to produce our items. You will be able to enjoy its naturalness, smell and texture as well as feel its mysterious warmth at home every day.


We use only natural materials, safe water-based paints and mirrors provided with a special film, which protects you and your children in case of breakage.


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