Meet Us

Etniq workshop is located in the center of Moscow, close to the Third Ring road. This is the place where we, inspired by the beauty of ethnic patterns, create contemporary things of natural wood.

We call our style “Modern Ethnicity” because our products are designed for modern interiors, simple, bright and spacious. If you decide to purchase our cabinet or mirror, there is no need to select the rest of the ethnic decor that matches them. We stand for minimalism in this regard. An ethnic design item will be a perk by itself; this is enough to decorate and transform your room.

All our products are made of 100% solid wood. Usually it’s pine or oak. And we add quite a bit of metal: hooks, staples and handles. Only natural materials without any plastic or dubious compounds. Firstly, they are natural, safe and healthy. Secondly, it is aesthetically beautiful. And thirdly, seeing and touching something real, warm and live provides completely different impressions. Yes, MDF, chipboard and plastic are cheaper and easier to handle and process. Still, we strive for the best results and never look for an easy way. It’s also important for us that our customers have at least a small portion of nature, a live forest, at home.