Ethnic decor and furnishings

Ethnic steez

At the Ethnic Steez workshop, we make unique interior items of natural wood. By combining the magic of the wood texture with the simplicity and elegance of ethnic patterns, we produce stylish and unique things able to make you happy every day via their uncommon beauty.

Ethnic steez


Our Priorities: Naturalness and Beauty

We Do It Ourselves

Everything we do meets two essential requirements: natural materials and a recognizable style. These two concepts are the foundation our brand stands on.

All our products are as unique as the pattern of the wood that they are made of.

With Love to the Wood

We use only solid wood and safe, eco-friendly paints. Natural wood products have a pleasant texture and create a feeling of warmth and coziness at home.

Simplicity Is the Beauty

Simple geometric shapes. Uneven tones and texture of natural wood emphasized by aging - this is our signature style. Our products have no perfect lines, which makes them especially charming and individual.


st. Dokukin, 10s6, Moscow

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